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Cleaning Team

Our cleaning team, affectionately known as the Cleaning Angels, consists of passionate individuals committed to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. Trained in the art of spotless perfection, they are the unsung heroes ensuring every corner of your rental is a testament to cleanliness.


The Cleaning Process

Cleaning Angels follow a rigorous cleaning process tailored to elevate the standard of cleanliness in your furnished rental. They utilize eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure a safe and healthy living environment.


● Make Beds/Replace Bed Sheets (If provided by the client)

● Dust off /Wipe Down all Furniture Surfaces

● Dust-Off/Wipe Down Window Sills

● Clean Mirrors

● Dust off Electronic Devices

● Empty out Trash Cans and Replace Liners

● Sweep/Vacuum and Mop Floors



● Scrub, wash and sanitize toilet

● Wash, rinse and dry shower/bathtub

● Clean mirrors

● Clean sink

● Dust off reachable light fixtures

● Empty out trash cans and replace liners

● Mop and dry floor


● Clean/wipe Counter Tops

● Clean Stove Top

● Clean Microwave (Inside & Outside)

● Clean Refrigerator (Outside Only)

● Clean Sink

● Load Dishwasher (upon client’s request)

● Wipe Down Cabinets (Outside Only)

● Empty out Trash Cans and Replace Liners

● Sweep/Vacuum and Mop Floor

Living Room

● Organize/Tidy Up Room

● Dust off and wipe down all Furniture Surfaces

● Dust off Electronic Devices

● Wipe Down Window Sills/Ledges

● Clean Mirrors

● Organize/Tidy Up Couches (Fold Blankets)

● Wipe Down Glass Surfaces

● Sweep/Vacuum and Mop Floors

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